Layover Tours

Layover Tours


Life is too short to spend it at the airport!. 

Connecting travelers from the airport with local guides worldwide, since 2004.

We are Layover Tours by Continente Ivantours. One of the most exciting tour operators in the world. With extensive connections and representations in the most important cities.

Due to the real needs of travelers we have created the tours with stopovers in strategic cities around the world. We have been serving our clients since last 18 years with the exquisite experiences. We help you find the best places to stay, eat, and travel. 

Layover Tours by Continente Ivantours will ensure an unforgettable experience with the travel service and you can consider us as your personal travel agent to find the best locations in important cities around the world. 

Don’t accept imitations; we are the originators of the Layover Tours. Major world – class travel agencies such as VIATOR/TRIP ADVISOR promote and purchase our tours for their valued customers. 

Time becomes the most special resource on travel trips. That is the reason we have build trips and tours guides with balance in mind…

Our itineraries are crafted in a fashion which includes as much time as possible doing things with the local audience…


Enjoy a guided sightseeing tour and visit the most important sites and landmarks of the world. 

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